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ICT Disposal

We provide safe, legal and responsible disposal of all IT assets according to the WEEE Directives (Waste, Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

We promote the re-use of used IT assets, helping to keep the cost of recycling down and protect the environment.

We also provide secure data destruction for hard disk drives, Cds, DVDs and back-up tapes. This is all certified to suit your security policies ; onsite or offsite to HMG Information Assurance 5 Standard.

For this we use a PD-4 Disk Destroyer.

The PD-4 will automatically destroy all formats and sizes of hard drives including network SCSI and IDE drives up to 2” in height. It will automatically bend, break and mangle the hard drive including the data platters –where the data is stored. The data will no longer be retrievable. It takes 20 seconds for the drive to be destroyed, therefore meeting the NSA’s Emergency Destruction Guidelines. The ultimate in data destruction.

Kedhlow are based in the UK, Gibraltar and Malta, For more information about what we do and how we can help your business, why not get in touch with us today?

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