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ICT Support

Kedhlow has teams of engineers available 24/7. Using in-house staff can be both costly and problematic. What would happen if that key person were ill, on holiday or simply not up to speed with more complex IT issues? The competencies and accreditations required to keep abreast of ever-changing IT issues are time consuming, but essential. Our engineers work alongside our major partners, and are continually assessed in order for us to retain our Partner status. A Kedhlow 24/7 IT Support Contract can be invaluable in saving time, money and avoiding future logistical problems.

Contracts are geared to suit a client’s operations. If you have people who work around the clock then we would provide a full 24/7 contract ; if you wanted a standard 9-5 deal then we would tailor the contract accordingly. It is all about keeping your business functioning at peak efficiency, with minimal downtime –and saving you money in the process.

Kedhlow are based in the UK, Gibraltar and Malta, For more information about what we do and how we can help your business, why not get in touch with us today?

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Allen House 1 Westmead Road
Sutton, Surrey SM1 4LA, UK

6, Queensway Quay Marina
Gibraltar, GX11 1AA

The Quay, Portomaso Marina, Portomaso,
STJ 4011, St Julians, Malta

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